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It's a Christmas Miracle: Martha Stewart Living Submits Dollhouse!

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Back oh-so-many months ago, when Curbed National first hatched into existence, we messengered six dollhouses and six sets of teeny hand-picked furnishings and accessories to six top shelter publications in a scheme dubbed Operation Dollhouse. We asked that each do whatever they deemed appropriate, be it decorate, demo, or reno—here's a refresher of what each sent back: Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Lonny, Elle Decor, and Dwell. While HGTV opted in on their own, offering up a glorious Zen garden, we were still disappointed that Martha Stewart Living—perhaps the craftiest of all—didn't play along. Until now.
Looks like Christmas came a few days early to Curbed HQ, for an email titled "Holiday House" just popped up in our Inbox. In it, Martha Stewart Living editor in chief Vanessa Holden admits that their offices were jammed up back when Op.Doll was in full force, explaining, "We were too deep into our holiday preparations to give it its proper due." (The cruelty of long-lead production schedules!) "Now that the holidays are actually upon us, however," she writes, "we couldn’t resist the opportunity to do what we do best. So we got out our glue gun and lots of goodies and got to work creating a house fit for a sugarplum fairy." And oh, how sweet it is, with a Necco wafer roof and front walkway, chewing-gum clapboard siding, and candy-cane-framed windows and doors with melted-candy "glass" panes. A chimney puffs out clouds of meringue smoke; elsewhere on the property, there are rock-candy icicles and gumdrop-and-pretzel trees. "Two wreaths made of mints and tied with red-licorice bows offer welcoming signs of holiday cheer," writes Holden. "We know the deadline is long past, so think of this house as our Christmas gift to you." Toss in some crystal sugar, which the MSL editorial elves—or their poor interns, perhaps—sprinkled over the lawn, and we're having ourselves a merry little Christmas, indeed. All the photos here:

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