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Meet the Artists' Studio That Tiptoes on Rocky Terrain

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Photos: Bent Rene´Synnevåg

Contemporist highlights one of the most oddly beautiful live/work spaces we've ever seen, a work by architect Todd Saunders of Norway-based Saunders Architecture. Commissioned by The Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation, Saunders set out to create a series of six artists' studios on Fogo Island, off Newfoundland, Canada, thereby "rejuvenating the island through the arts and culture." The studio's elongated bulk is divided into three parts, each representing a different season. An open but covered area denotes spring; a fully open central portion, summer; and the enclosed main body, fall/winter or the colder months. The seaside end is propped up by pillars; a small concrete foundation provide support on land. Sniff, sniff, what's that whiff of prefab? Yep, these can be constructed off-site.
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