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A Touch of Modernity for Remote Alaskan Island

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Location: Sitka, Alaska
Price: $1,285,000
The Skinny: Thanks to the warming effect of the Pacific Ocean, Sitka enjoys a more mild climate than one would expect. The expected high on Christmas Day? Forty degrees fahrenheit, and on average, the temps dip below freezing just 13 days a year. That might make this the perfect place to pretend to flex your macho while catching up on Deadliest Catch from the couch. For $1.29M, this glass-walled waterfront retreat offers up Carrara marble and walnut flooring in a contemporary style rare in Sarah Palin's home state. And no, there's no private dock, but come now, this is a far cry from Into The Wild.
· 2323 Halibut Point Road [Sotheby's]