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Joy to the World's Ugliest Houses; Here are Five of Them!

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The headline of this post pretty much says it all; herein, we present a by-no-means-exhaustive collection of some of the world's ugliest houses. Kicking things off is an upside-down house (above). While we have no idea where it's located, we felt it deserved a front-and-center seat just because it's that ugly. Note the decorative auto detail and geometric interplay of gable to Earth. Four others follow the jump.

? Giving new meaning to the phrase "label whore" is this Louis Vuitton-branded house in Mexicali, Mexico. C'mon, so fake. The seams don't even match up!

? Here's the "Green Monster," spotted by a home stager in Littleton, Colo. "Isn't there some sports team that is Green and Gold?" she asks. "Maybe that was their inspiration."

? Earlier this year, Travel + Leisure deemed this building, in Sanjhih, Taiwan, one of the world's ugliest. Called The UFO House, the project was started in the '70s and has since been abandoned; the Taiwanese government plans to tear the beast down.

? Featured in an April 2008 story in the New York Times, the East Hampton, N.Y., Bioscleave House reportedly "makes people use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium." Children aren't permitted to enter and adults have to sign a waiver before setting foot into the lumpy, bumpy interior terrain.

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