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How Bunny Williams and John Rosselli Decorate for Christmas

If your name is Bunny Williams and your husband's name is John Rosselli, it's a pretty safe bet that Christmas at your 19th-century Connecticut retreat is a no-holds-barred affair. For the venerable decorator and antiques dealer, readying for the holidays means basking in rays of diffused country light while unpacking, one by one, a collection of antique hand-carved Neopolitan creche figures they found at an off-the-beaten-path shop in Naples, Italy, presumably moments before sipping freshly bottled limoncello from dainty crystal glasses. "We cut fresh evergreens to form the base of the creche and I tie the angels with fishing wire and place them over the scene so they look as if they were flying," Williams writes on her blog, adding, "John uses burlap, straw, and evergreens for the base of his display. A carved wood pergola in the center adds architectural detail." As for our own pre-boxed ornament set from the clearance aisle of a strip-mall Target—we're fine with it. Really.

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