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Eight Christmas Trees?! Pshaw. One Family's Got 11!

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Stories of Seasonal Decorating is a particularly relevant Curbed National feature in which we commemorate the countdown to Christmas by rounding up decor happenings in neighborhoods, small towns, and cities across our fair continent and publishing 'em at various points throughout the month. Got a local tale of your own? Send it along to the tip line.

HOLLY LOCK, N.C.— One family has hung 80,000 lights on their home in an effort that took some serious dedication. “I take two weeks off work before Thanksgiving and then spend the additional holiday time decorating about 12 hours each day," says the homeowner, adding that the lights come down three days after New Year's and are stored in an outbuilding designed to hold them in the off-season. [Clayton News-Star]

WILMINGTON, N.C.— A resident bedecked his home with eight Christmas trees, including an upside-down one. The number of lights totals in the thousands. [WECT News 6]

TWO RIVERS, WIS.— Eight trees?! Total amateur hour compared to here, where one family's home boasts 11. They're all artificial, but each boasts its own theme, such as "black and white"—"the highlights are the black and white creatures nestled in the trees, including polar bears, penguins and seals—and "garden tree"—with "ornaments on the pink-themed tree include large pine cones and leaves." []

MOBILE, ALA.— Students at Hollingers Island Elementary School decorated their tree with pink ribbons and cards to honor their principal, who's battling breast cancer. []