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The Charmed Life: 10 Bougiest Quotes of the Week

Welcome to our newly revamped weekly Home & Garden Index, in which we let the folks interviewed by New York Times reporters about design, decorating, and architecture speak for themselves. Through this highly exacted and carefully controlled sociological study, we hope to determine how, exactly, the other half lives. Onward to the countdown!

10: I like to be a good host and not make anyone uncomfortable, but I have had to have things re-covered. I had a movie star bring her dog to my house who peed on the side of my sofa, and then I had a TV actress bring her new puppy, who had diarrhea in my library.”
9: “Having grown up in a design-centric home that values less-is-more, austere décor, I find myself in constant conflict with my wife and kids’ needs for the elaborate holiday decoration-athon.”

8: “And I like that the tables had a life before I met them,” she said. “They had meaning for someone else.”
7: “It’s embarrassing that we, as a country, drink as little Champagne as we do,” Mr. Box said. “Because it’s so much fun, tastes delicious and makes people happy.”
6: This year, I’m celebrating Christmas at my brother’s. I’m not going to be in London over Christmas; I’m going to be in France. We’re going to do a Christmas tree there.
5: "It was inspired by an antler chair that’s at the Musée de la Chasse in Paris,” said Jorge Almada.... “We designed the frame of the chair so that it’s a mix between a branch and the texture of a deer’s antler, and our ironsmiths were able to replicate that natural texture in wrought iron.”
4: “Living on the water reminds you that, like the river, our lives are always moving,” Mr. Pastore said.
3: “Drink Champagne in anything. If it makes you happy to drink it out of a water cup or a cool little Italian country glass, go for it. Just drink, and be happy.”
2: “We can bring in a lot of unusual things and, in winter, have toboggans for rent,” she added. “We might even carry The Times of India.”
1: “It’s a Modernist, high-end chicken coop,” Mr. Ramsey said. “It’s like the condo craze of two years ago, except you’re building this luxury condominium for chickens.”