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Sin Number Three: The Glut of Glamour

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Never is wretched excess celebrated with such mindless abandon as during the waning days of the calendar year, otherwise known as the holiday season. Which is why we've asked James Swan, Beverly Hills decorator, past contributor, and author of the "101 Things I Hate About Your House" Facebook page—and, soon, book—to produce a limited Curbed National series entitled The Sins of Holiday Decorating.

No one is suggesting that a perfectly picturesque Christmas is the only path to a successful celebration, but lessons can be culled from a pared-down approach. On the eve of Christmas Eve, we come face to face with the third of The Sins of Holiday Decorating: The Glut of Glamour. As the photogallery above reveals, it appears that certain folks, in attempting to be glamorous, have missed the memo about “too much” being just “too much.” This week in particular, let's keep our homes from floundering in an ocean of ostentatiousness. Here's to a simple, streamlined, and sophisticated holiday!

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