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Natalie Portman's Pregnant and Engaged! Here's Where She Lives.

Actress Natalie Portman is engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and they're pregnant. How very Black Swan of her to be romanced by a dance master. Anyhoo, the news is a ray of sunshine at the beginning of what's a sleepy post-Christmas week for celebrity and non-celebrity websites alike, so we're here to shed light on the Israel-born and Harvard-educated Portman's recent real estate wheelings and dealings.
In 2005, Portman purchased gorgeous 2,500-square-foot digs in Richard Meier's glassy 176 Perry Street tower in NYC's West Village for $5.7M. (A small price to pay for an apartment that was later described in the listing as being "warmed by glorious sunsets!") Two years later, she began an East Coast, Good Riddance tour as she put her other home, in Syosset, N.Y., the market for $2.2M—perhaps hoping to escape certain ethnic stereotypes that often go hand-in-hand with Jewish women in this part of Long Island? Finally, in July 2008, she listed that Meier stunner for $6.55M. So, where did she end up? Just a little four-bedroom "mini mansion" (above) in the Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A., which she purchased for $3.25M. Built in the '30s, the place boasts an impressive pedigree, having been owned by the likes of legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea and actor couple Dermot Mulroney and Catherine Keener. With 18,000 square feet of landscaped grounds, it's just the place for Portman to rest her weary, ballet-worn skin 'n' bones.

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