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Bristol Palin Steps Into the Limelight Once Again, Buys House

The last time we reported on anything having to do with the Palin family on this site, oh, how the commenters did roar. (We cautiously proceed.) While mom Sarah's Wasilla, Alaska house features a stuffed mounted elk caribou and a bear carcass skin rug, Bristol Palin's new digs look far more spartan in their unfurnished listing photos. The Dancing With the Stars finalist recently paid $172K in cash for the five-bedroom suburban house, which The Real Estalker calls "just a big ol' beige piece of architectural banality." (Merry Christmas, Bris!) The 20-year-old is reportedly headed to Arizona State University, where she will give the dems a big ol' oh, snap: ASU is very same institution that refused to give President Obama an honorary degree after he gave the commencement speech in 2009 because "his body of work is yet to come."

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