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Perfectly Preserved Midcentury Modern Sees Market for First Time

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Location: Houston, Texas
Price: $1,795,000
The Skinny: Built for a prominent chemical engineer in 1960 and privately traded just once since then, this home has retained nearly all of its midcentury detailing and—if the staging is to be believed—many of the furnishings, as well. In fact, there's only the new dishwasher to distinguish this place from the day it was built. As impressive as this labor of preservation might be, the house could have some trouble finding a taker among the buyers of the new millennium. Granite countertops? No. Carpeted bathroom? Yep! There's even an old-school TV aerial on the roof. Hopefully, the choice location in one of Houston's finer neighborhoods will draw the sort of "preservation-minded buyer" sought by the seller. Besides, you'd have to be a real new construction fiend to drop $1.8M for a tear down.
· 3269 Reba Drive [Crosby Doe]