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Curbed Awards 2010 Interiors/Decorating: Holiday Decorating!

The Guilt-Trip Christmas Decorating Award
This one goes to the inimitable design-world couple Bunny Williams and John Rosselli, who bedecked their 19th-century Connecticut house with their collection of Neopolitan creche figurines (above). They also "cut fresh evergreens to form the base of the creche and I tie the angels with fishing wire and place them over the scene so they look as if they were flying," says Williams. Way to make us feel bad, guys!

The Inversion Award

Yep, this one (right) was sold at Hammacher Schlemmer until it sold out. Which means that people actually bought it!
The Creepiest Ornament Award

Not sure why, but severed heads seemed to be popular in ornament design this year. We saw lots of frightening ones, but the decapitated Barbie doll (right) brought back some skeletons we had hoped would stay in the closet.

The Most Lavish Thanksgiving Tablescape Award
Look above, and take a guess.

The Most Creative Use of a Vegetable Award

This October, a couple of wonky designers turned 16 pumpkins into the likenesses of 16 different starchitects (right). Included, of course, was Mies van der Rohe, Zaha Hadid, and Gehry. Fun with knives!
The Most Reckless Celebration of Halloween Award
Too many to count.

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