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Curbed Awards 2010 Interiors/Decorating: Seating!

It's only been three months since Curbed National launched, but even still we decided to make up a bunch of awards as a way to recap the stuff we've covered. Over the next few days, we'll be feting the most deserving people, places, and things in the national design, decor, and real estate sphere. Herein, we unveil the first annual Curbed Awards!

The Hottest Chair in the World Award
Uh, the one above. Owned by (and presumably custom-commissioned by) a one miss Brooklyn Decker, of Sports Illustrated cover fame, and tennis-champ husband Andy Roddick, the wing chair with nailhead detail made its debut on Twitter in late August, when Decker Tweeted:

Not-too-shabby press for L.A.-based designer Mary McGee.

The Relationship-Saver Award

It's almost as if someone took a bottle of Pepto, held it upside down, and this couch (above) dripped out. Called Curb, the modern creation by a Dutch design student features a plush, bulbous end a stiff, thin one, thereby ending any marital spats that may develop while furniture shopping.

The God Does Exist Award

When industrial designer Yves Behar debuted his newest product for furniture giant Herman Miller, it was if angels came down on high just to check out the modestly priced and mass-marketable creation. The SAYL chair (above) is indeed a sexy, curvaceous office perch that may threaten the very existence of the ubiquitous (and far costlier) Eames Executive chair and others by Vitra.

The Quirkiest Collab Award
At Design Miami in December, Italian modern-design firm Cappellini unveiled TRON: Legacy Chair by Israel-born designer Dror Benshetrit above. Inspired by the recently released Disney movie, the chair "forms a jagged and angular landscape, serving as a muse for a chair that is comprised of intersecting layers and textures of ‘digital’ rock." All righty then, sweet.

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