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Curbed Awards 2010 Interiors/Decorating: The Power Players!

It's only been three months since Curbed National launched, but even still we decided to make up a bunch of awards as a way to recap the stuff we've covered. Over the next few days, we'll be feting the most deserving people, places, and things in the national design, decor, and real estate sphere. Herein, we unveil the first annual Curbed Awards!

The Barack Obama "Audacity of Taupe" Major Disappointment Award
Awarded every time a new American president redecorates the Oval Office with neutral shades. When Obama did so in late August (above), former House & Garden editor in chief Dominique Browning said this to New York Times: "Brown upon rust upon ochre upon ...drab. We’re dangerously close to Harvest Gold here, folks. This office does not inspire confidence. The presidential team is clearly trying to project a laidback, we-don’t-do-decorating image—and why? Design matters." Apparently those new blue Christopher Spitzmiller lamps and that schmancy rug, with quotes from MLK and JFK, just weren't enough.

"Audacity of Taupe"...Award, Runner-Up:

In October, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and wife Lyudmila agreed to be interviewed by a Russian population census worker at home in Novo-Ogaryovo (right). The rare glimpse of their residence was enough to get a sense of the beige-on-beige sofa and beige-on-beige carpeting.

The Incite the Most Wrath on Gawker Presidential Award
The photo of Venezualian President Hugo Chavez (above) was called "gayer than two men having sex" by one Gawker commenter and "that room looks like ass" by another. Never mind that Chavez had just offered refuge to Venezuelans who were displaced by floods in early December: "He decorates like a republican (Rush Limbaugh, to be exact)."

The Best Use of Food in Decorating Award

As part of the White House's "Simple Gifts" holiday-decorating theme, Michelle Obama upheld the First Lady tradition of helping bake the annual gingerbread house. Included: a marzipan Bo the dog. Genius! And adorable!

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