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Dreams Do Come True! Amy Winehouse Does Own London Flat!

Diary entries from a not-yet-famous Amy Winehouse have just surfaced in a London trash can, where they were hidden within a bunch of school books. Nestled between "treadmill" and "buy car" on the list of the many things Winehouse hoped to do after achieving fame and fortune was, naturally, "buy FLAT in London." The singer has lived in a small apartment in the Camden borough of London since her late teens; in 2004, shortly after she moved in, The Guardian described it as "instantly recognisable as that of a late-teenage girl. There are magazine covers and family photographs on the walls, a cushion covered with a terrible drawing of Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, and a hairdryer by a mirror in the living room." It was all kittens and sunshine back then, way before the place was raided, in 2007, and, very sadly, burglarized, in 2009. Might be time to draft a new list.

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