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Turn-of-the-Last-Century Reno Finally Back In Style Again

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Location: Boston, Mass.
Price: $9,500,000
The Skinny: Sometimes ornate, spendy, and trendy renovations fall flat, sidling a home with some undesirable features or overwrought detailing. But what's that they say about everything coming back in style eventually? Well, judging from this $9.5M Frankenstein of a townhouse, just wait a 100 years and someone will love it again. In 1905, the then-owner of 128 Commonwealth Avenue decided the staid brick facade of his 1882 townhouse just wasn't on trend, so he commissioned Beaux Arts sandstone fronting. And now, it's not an architectural eyesore, but instead, "a rare and unique Beaux Arts style residence." Ah, what a difference a century makes. Worry not, interiors fanatics, we've got all you crave after the jump.

· 128 Commonwealth Avenue [Sotheby's]