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Contemplating the Age-Old Question: Is it Art or Design?

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Remember Philosophy 101, in particular that one stoned kid who proclaimed that "everything is art" from his perch in the front row? This is sort of like that, but with professionals. In the 2:30 video segment above, PlumTV host Mark Ellwood tours a handful of showrooms at DesignMiami and interviews designers (or are they artists?) about their art (or is it their design?). "I would sit on the chairs, but there's a little sign saying I'm not allowed to," Ellwood laments during one scene. "So since they're chairs you can't sit in, 90 percent art, 10 percent furniture." Elsewhere, artist/designer Joost van Bleiswijk says, "You can call this art, you can call this design, you wanna stick a label on what i do, but I want to do what I like." Point taken, Joost.
· Design Miami 2010: Is Furniture Art? [PlumTV]