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Obama Set to Return to Hawaiian Beach House for the Holidays

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For the third year running, President Obama is slated to enjoy the holidays at this five-bedroom waterfront rental on Oahu's Kailua Beach. That is, of course, if his pesky Presidential duties don't get in the way, as he's determined to settle the issue of the expiring Bush tax-cuts before he departs. Well, needless to say, that's a pretty politically unfortunate juxtaposition: raising taxes then jetting off to a $3,500-per-night oceanfront mansion. Smooth move! The 6,900-square-foot Christmas party pad—which changed hands over the summer for close to $7M—might also put the kibosh on one of Barack's more shameful habits. The small print of the rental agreement declares, "The Premises is a non-smoking property." But we're guessing no one has the cahones to tell the leader of the free world to go cold turkey. Stale-smoke smell or not, the owners have been making the most of Obama's patronage, advertising it as a "5-Star Presidential Estate." Right, book it and who knows, maybe you'll find the nuclear football in the closet.

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