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Gold Coast Floridian Buckles Under the Weight of Gaudy Decor

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Location: Palm Beach, Fla.
Price: $35,000,000
The Skinny: Palm Beach might be a mecca for monied snowbirds, but it's also a prime proving ground for the maxim "money can't buy taste." Take this $35M, 13,000-square-foot oceanfront retreat. With nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, there's plenty of space for guests, but the next owners might want to spend some cash clearing out all that tack before they invite anyone 'round. The "blend in" beige exterior conceals some dark secrets: oversize chandeliers, clash-tastic fabrics, garish imitation furniture, and, perhaps worst of all, the crudely painted scenes adorning the walls. Nothing says "classy" like a billiards room with a half-assed painting of a debaucherous bar scene, nevermind the taxidermy lurking under the pool table. Quite a mess, but a renovation—or is it demolition?—could pave the way for a far more tasteful residence on this select slice of the Florida coast.
· Canterbury Lane [Sotheby's]