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White House Gingerbread House Features Marzipan Bo the Dog

Apparently AOL has some competition! Two days ago, we surveyed White House Christmas decorating traditions over the years, pointing out that the gingerbread house has long been a task left to First Wives. Well, this year's confection has just been revealed; looks like Michelle Obama and White House executive pastry chef Bill Yosses used 30 pounds of honey to create the 350-pound house. Luxist reports, via the Washington Post, that this year's decorating theme is "Simple Gifts," which includes:
magnolia and oak leaf garlands, and paper white flower blossoms and a "military appreciation tree" decorated to honor the five branches of the military in the East Wing visitor's entrance; wreaths made of natural materials such as oranges, pears and dried flowers in the East Colonnade; white poinsettia trees in garden planters and garlands of white poinsettias in the Lower Cross Hall; four large Christmas trees with hand-crafted decorations in turquoise, purple, green and gold with a bird and floral theme in the East Room; and in the Blue Room, the official White House Christmas Tree, an 18 1/2-foot Douglas fir anchored to the ceiling to keep it from tipping over, with a theme honoring county and state fairs.
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