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Got a New Year's Resolution? We Find Just the House For You!

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Every year, New Year's resolutions are made and broken. For shame! All it would take to cement those feelings of self-improvement? Why, a new home, of course! For a bit of inspiration, we took four of the most common resolutions and found a home that promises to help any new owner keep their holiday promises.

First up, it's that perennial lighthearted favorite, Take A Vacation. The World—the condo cruise ship that launched in 2002, that is—has plenty to offer the budding world traveler, provided they've got the cash. Among the four available condos is this six-bedroom "penthouse" on the ship's uppermost deck (above). Pricing is pretty hush-hush, but it's allegedly asking $13.5M. A drop in the bucket for a mobile vacation home, right?

The holidays are a time for gorging on traditional treats, but that often leads to the most common of Christmas resolutions: Lose Weight. Let's face it, if you haven't been going to the gym already, any eggnog-induced gut isn't about to motivate. So how 'bout swapping that suburban car-centric lifestyle for the daily quad-toning exercise of a walk-up apartment? This Brooklyn number (above), with expansive roof-deck and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, proves that not all walk-ups are grimy holes-in-the-wall. Then again, paying $1.8M to walk up five flights of stairs? Better check with your doctor before closing on this place.

Photos by David Allee/NYmag

Spending the holidays in the company of relatives yammering on about their crappy jobs has probably reminded you that it's time to do something about your own employment situation. If Get a Better Job is on the list of 2011's improvements, you might follow in the footsteps of someone who's his own boss, like the owner of this Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house built in 2008 above. FLW? 2008? Yes, the home was built according to the same plans and on the same site as specified by Wright's original plans. Controversy still reigns over this "unofficial" Wright, but that shouldn't stop a steady stream of visitors should a new owner—ahem, you—open it to the public. What do you say to becoming a docent in the museum of your own house? The current owner won't peep on price, but he does have it up for sale, along with the 11-acre island it occupies.

If the spendy holiday season has the checkbook locked away, there's a good chance you've resolved to Save Money in the coming year. If you've become addicted to a certain standard of living, say amidst ornate turn-of-the-century detailing, then Detroit has just the house for you. Coming in at $399K, this Iroquois Street mansion (above) features the sort of over-the-top extravagance usually reserved for houses 10 times its price. Now you've just got to convince yourself to move to Detroit.

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