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Curbed Awards 2010 Media: Top 10 Curbed National Comments!

It's only been three months since Curbed National launched, but even still we decided to make up a bunch of awards as a way to recap the stuff we've covered. Over the next few days, we'll be feting the most deserving people, places, and things in the national design, decor, and real estate sphere. Herein, we unveil the first annual Curbed Awards!

Hey now, blogs are media, too, and blogs wouldn't be blogs without commenters. Here are the 10 best that have shown up on our site:

· "What is your credenza game? I keep it street." [@guest, The Endless Design- and Decor-Related Tweets of Kanye West]

· "much love jenny call me" [@guest, Jennifer Lopez Proves, Yet Again, That She's No Jenny From the Block]

· "Looks like Czechoslovak interior design circa 1985. Like Soviet-style Communism, It's something the world should never have to see again." [@guest, Ten Hilariously Awkward Photos of European Interiors from 1974]

· "Love the Spanish tile kitchen floor contrasting the pubescent zit faced martian landscape living room of the Biocleave house. Pure genious. Not. [@Ape Man, Joy to the World's Ugliest Houses; Here are Five of Them!]

· "Is this supposed to be better than Cleveland?" [@guest, It's Official: NBA Star LeBron James a Miami-Area Homeowner]

"I am a grandmother with young granddaughter. I also played with dolls in my younger days. the most realistic doll house, which is ussually ment for little girls, is the Elle Decor entry. the AD is too boyish--and unlikely to appeal to a girl. The others are either too futuristic , or a mini house ment to be an architectual sample. A true doll house needs to apeal to young girls and most prefer a house that reflects reality--what they are familiar with. Embelsihments certainly give it an added appeal,and a fun twist but it still need to be realistc." [@guest, What's Your Favorite Dollhouse? Polls Open: Vote Now!]

· "I've been in homes all over America. The average American has NO place calling anyone's house 'tacky' with your disgusting Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel items thrown around rooms not fit for furniture in houses built of cardboard sheetrock." [@guest, Designer Kelly Wearstler Lists Maximalist Estate at Maximalist Price]

· "AD still sucks - the first real article starts 3/4 through the magazine. why am i spending $10 an issue to read 100 pages of advertisements. This isn't Harpers Bazaar." [@guest, The New Arch Digest: a Totally Nitpicky, Obsessive Review]

· "I love Draper's office. But don't forget that there's a dedicated reception area where his secretary (now fiancée) Megan sits. Very nice. His own private reception area with a sofas, coffee table, magazines, etc." [@guest, Revealed: Mad Men's Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Floorplan!]

· "I know it's tacky and were probably supposed to hate it -- but that half rhinoceros table in the foyer is AMAZING!" [@guest, Christian Audigier's Home Exudes Ed Hardy Elegance]

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