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Top Designers Sound Off on New Year's Decorating Resolutions

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Today Elle Decor asks a number of top designers to divulge their New Year's resolution—not the don't-smoke, eat-better kind but the decorating kind. Hoping to take more chances with color, Grand K. Gibson (bottom left) cited the room he designed for the Elle Decor showhouse in San Francisc. I used a bright pink chinoiserie wallpaper (from De Gournay), and zebra fabric headboards," he says. "I stepped out of my normal comfort zone with something bold and colorful. I learned that taking risks can be fun.” Jonathan Adler (top right) expresses a similar sentiment, offering, "in 2011 I'm gonna take it to the next level. Lots of fuchsia and citron." Meanwhile, Celerie Kemble (bottom right) vows to make her office a pretty place to work—"walls are coming down, wood floors are being sanded and painted, and a new conference room is coming together" and Thomas Jayne (top left) keeps it simple. "I resolve to listen to my design instincts," he says. Read the full story here.

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