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Curbed Awards 2010 Media: Bougiest New York Times Quotes!

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It's only been three months since Curbed National launched, but even still we decided to make up a bunch of awards as a way to recap the stuff we've covered. Over the next few days, we'll be feting the most deserving people, places, and things in the national design, decor, and real estate sphere. Herein, we unveil the first annual Curbed Awards!

For the last few months, we've been picking apart the New York Times's weekly Home & Garden section. You know, just for fun. This week, we pull the finest, most excellent, and most silver-spooned direct quotes and present them here to kick off the Curbed Awards in the category of Media. (And no, we couldn't narrow the list down to just 10.)

· “The whole essence of the house was to be push-button color-changing,” Mr. Wilzig said. “The apotheosis of that was to take the fish themselves and have them be swimming in whatever color you want.” (Aug. 19)

“We went on vacation to Fort Lauderdale and stayed at the W, and they had a tank with all jellyfish,” Mr. Jones said. “That’s like living art to me.” (Aug. 19)

· “Our furniture choices really reflect either a level of historical significance or all-out performance," Mr. Dunbar said. (Sept. 16)

· “It was just going to be huge,” she said. “It could go so wrong. I have such an eclectic mix of stuff — flea market pictures, fine art photographs and old mirrors. If I put it up in the wrong way or don’t group it well, it would be a mess.” (Sept. 23)

· “The idea of living in a space that’s old on the outside, but could be formed anew on the inside, really appealed to us,” Ms. Ware said. (Sept. 30)

· "I like working with sticks, but it’s really an excuse to have these experiences. One is to be bad and play out some kind of stick thing in a public place, like pulling your pants down, and another is this huge outpouring from people who don’t know you and walk up to you and say, ‘What is this?’” (Oct. 7)

· "At home, I use largely crystal. We also have what I call 'glasses.' But we use a lot of crystal." (Oct. 21)

· “Like a Brooklyn design blogger — she’s urban, she likes music and flea markets, she wants to come home and put her feet up in her chic brownstone with its midcentury furniture. The girls are interchangeable. You could put them in any of those neighborhoods. They are all the new bohemians.” (Nov. 18)

· After years of designing for other people, Ms. Phillips said, they wanted “a challenge without corporate boundaries and “something with environmental value and more meaning to society." (Dec. 9)

· “We trimmed the tree, put the logs in the fire and candles everywhere, throughout which time Michael was eating, without meaning to, all the Christmas cookies the housekeeper had prepared, so she had to make more,” Mr. Salvator said. (Dec. 16)

· "When I think of a beautiful 17th-century teapot with a chased silver spout and jewel-encrusted lid,” he said, “the term just doesn’t sound elevated enough.” (Dec. 16)

· “We can bring in a lot of unusual things and, in winter, have toboggans for rent,” she added. “We might even carry The Times of India.” (Dec. 23)

· “It’s a Modernist, high-end chicken coop,” Mr. Ramsey said. “It’s like the condo craze of two years ago, except you’re building this luxury condominium for chickens.” (Dec. 23)

· “We had to find somebody from the National Trust who specialized in restoring cornicing,” Ms. Fiell said. (Dec. 30)

· "As she sums it up: “I always lived in a place with a fireplace. And by that I mean a real fireplace.” (Dec. 30)

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