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Co-Eds' Festive Dorm Rooms; One Town's First-Ever Treelighting

Stories of Seasonal Decorating is a particularly relevant Curbed National feature in which we commemorate the countdown to Christmas by rounding up decor happenings in neighborhoods, small towns, and cities across the country and publishing 'em at various points throughout the month. Got a local tale of your own? Send it along to the tip line.

MUNCIE, IND.— Students at Ball State are showing their propensity for holiday decor in various ways. Freshman Jessica Trcka spent $25 at Walmart to create the room above; another, Megan Manlove, spent $15 at Goodwill and Hobby Lobby.
PEQUANNOCK TOWNSHIP, N.J.— Residents can hang a a red bulb for a living pet and a white bulb for a deceased pet on the Pequannock Township Animal Shelter's tree. Suggested donation per bulb: $5. []

HARTFORD TOWNSHIP, MICH.— More than 70 residents gathered to witness the town's first-ever treelighting. Someone with the title of "Hartford Apple Festival Queen" noted, "It was really surprising that all these people came out here because it's so cold outside. It shows that people really do care about this community." []

ONEONTA, N.Y.— The city has replaced regular lights with LED lights in an effort to conserve money and energy. Despite the change, residents don't really notice anything particularly different. "We have a great, beautiful downtown anyway, historic, and the lights just bring more people down and makes it just that more festive for this time of year," said one local. []

WEST BRANCH, IOWA— At the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, this year's decorating theme is "Little House on the Prairie." "Trees were decorated with items ranging from a dunce cap, snow men and a ball of yarn" in an effort to underscore "themes of coming home and celebrating American values." [Eatern Iowa Life]

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