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The Great 3D Living Room Challenge w/ MyDeco, Alexa Hampton!

Let's face it, if you're sitting at an office at any point between Thanksgiving and New Year's, you're dreaming of much dreamier things: happy hours and holiday parties, what to serve and what to wear, who to include and whose invitation to ever so casually lose. Which is why we're pleased to roll out Curbed National's Great 3D Living Room Challenge today. What better way to make the workday dwindle just a wee bit faster than by summoning some old-fashioned computer-generated creativity? We've teamed with ultimate home furnishings and decor resource and the always-chic designer Alexa Hampton to create a contest that will award one lucky reader $150 to spend at the boutique.
Here's what you have to do: design a living room using mydeco's phenomenal (and phenomenally easy to get the hang of) 3D room-planning technology. (Yes, that room above is, in fact, a digital one.) It's the holidays, after all, and we're looking for the most stylish setting for friends and family to gather 'round. You'll have until Monday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m. EST to create a living room; we'll be putting each and every completed submission up to a popular vote here on Curbed National from Tues, Dec. 21 through Thurs., Dec. 23. From this, we'll whittle the entrants down to the top five, and Hampton will conduct the final round of judging and crown one the winner after the New Year. Remember: this chick's got smarts and style, so impress her you must. Begin your quest for the $150 voucher over here.

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