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Martha Stewart on The Simpsons: Canopy Beds, Stencils, More!

On last night's episode of The Simpsons, a woe-is-me Marge writes a desperate letter to decorating maven Martha Stewart begging for her to help in saving the family's appreciation of Christmas. In a gust of wind, the letter is blown out of Marge's hand and, yet unaddressed, still manages to make it to what we can only assume is Martha's country house in Bedford, N.Y. So Martha does at Martha will, which in this case means crocheting a backpack with wings, which magically transports her to Simpsons' home town of Springfield. She taps on the shoulder of a sleeping Marge, kindly and gently prodding, "Wake up, Marge! Magical memories don't make themselves!" With a whish of some lumber and a whoosh of Marge's old wedding dress—not to mention a whirl of Maggie's spiky hair—Martha manages to transform the home to the highest praise. "It's like "Christmas with a childless gay couple!" Marge excitedly declares.
Video: Martha Stewart Decorates The Simpsons' House

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