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Scorching New Year's Eve Rentals to Put the Bounce Into 2011

New Year's Eve can be a frigid affair when you're far from the equator. Huddling in the cold, looking like the Michelin Man, waiting for a ball to drop: it all gets a little old after a while. Luckily, the summer sun is always burning somewhere, so we've rounded up five trophy rentals for the sort of New Year's revelry that will allow you to escape from the North American holiday crowds—or escape to more scantily clad crowds. Here's lookin' at you, Rio.

? Patagonia Yurt Camp | Torres del Paine, Chile | $520 per night [Airbnb]

? Villa on Ave. Saint Leon | Cape Town, South Africa | $10,165 per night [Cape Villas]

? Taprobane Island | Weligama, Sri Lanka | $1,000 per night [Airbnb]

? Copacabana Penthouse | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Price on request [Rio Holidays]

? Moorish Great House | Near Adelaide, Australia | From $1624 per night [FlipKey]