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Martha Stewart Whips Out the Glitter Pen on Jimmy Fallon

Last night, decorating doyenne Martha Stewart paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, immediately commenting on how beautiful the set looked and admitting that she didn't eat Turkey on Thanksgiving—despite having cooked 31 turkeys for various TV shows during the two weeks leading up to the holiday. (Our sister site, Eater National, has all the truffle-laden details about Martha's food references on the show.) Then, Martha plugged the very Marthaland that Home Depot has become: the brand's holiday decorations, paints, and kitchens. In the next segment, Fallon awkwardly held the December issue of Martha Stewart Living as he admitted that he, like most of us, "can't make any of this stuff." The two continued by concocting eggnog and concluded their time together by fashioning an ultra-glittery tree topper, a project that prompted Fallon to point out the cylindrical contraption's resemblance to a toilet paper roll.

Video: Martha Stewart Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Make a Tree Topper

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