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It's Official: NBA Star LeBron James a Miami-Area Homeowner

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In late September, we reported on the news that NBA superstar LeBron James had entered into contract on a 10,000-square-foot, five-bedroom property in the posh Devon Court neighborhood of Coconut Grove, Fla. According to area broker Alex Shay, James has, in fact, become an official homeowner. All right, good. Progress. But wait, one other thing: James apparently purchased a totally different house.
We came across Shay by way of CNBC sportscaster Darren Rovell, who Tweeted about a photogallery that Shay had recently posted somewhere in the ether of the Internet. Turns out said photogallery contains photos of the estate that Shay, in a Nov. 19 post on his Miami Beach Luxury Estate blog, claimed had been purchased for $9M. By, you know, a one mister LeBron James.

Now, Shay lists the address as 3590 Crystal View Court, which is a totally different property than the one James reportedly entered into contract with (3309 Devon Court). (That LeBron, always full of surprises! No wonder Barbara Walters named him one of the 10 most fascinating people of the year!) Anyway, have a look here:

3509 Crystal View is larger, for one, with more bedrooms and about 2,000 more square feet of interior space. Amenities include a wine cellar, home theater, sick infinity pool, and dock that can accommodate two 60-foot yachts. For whatever reason, the mainstream media took its sweet time reporting on Shay's finding. The Miami Herald finally confirmed the sale late last night. Looks like Shay, too, can brag about his talents.

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