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Sin Number One: Overly Jubilant Lighting

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Never is wretched excess celebrated with such mindless abandon as during the waning days of the calendar year, otherwise known as the holiday season. Which is why we've asked James Swan, Beverly Hills decorator, past contributor, and author of the "101 Things I Hate About Your House" Facebook page—and, soon, book—to produce a limited Curbed National series entitled The Sins of Holiday Decorating.

The last time we checked, the shortest distance between two points was a straight line. Why, then, at this festive time of year, does a casual stroll from curb to threshold seem more akin to a triathlon than a social pleasantry? Might it be the onslaught of overly exuberant seasonal decorations that make traversing the garden path feel like roller-skating blindfolded through Disneyland’s Electric Light Parade? And all this before the entry door even comes into sight. As sense and sensibility have clearly flown the coop; it appears we’re stuck with tacky and tasteless both angling for their 15 minutes of seasonal fame. Herein, the first Sin of Holiday Decorating: Overly Jubilant Lighting.

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