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Eat, Pray, Love at Home with New Line from HSN

Oh, Elizabeth Gilbert. No sooner does the tale of your post-Big D solo voyage around the globe become a smash-hit bestseller—one that inspires millions of women worldwide to embrace their glorious, god-given independence—than you release a second tome about being an ol' shackled-up ball 'n' chain. Er, that is, Julia Roberts plays you in a movie and Home Shopping Network releases a full line of stuff inspired by you, including bedding, lighting, tabletop and mirrors. The collection is organized by the three voyages taken in EPL, Italy, Indonesia and Bali, but noticeably absent is the fourth, super-secret journey. (Uh, hello? The journey into the deepest level of the soul?) Anyway, no need to fret over missing out on the old-school phone-dialin' fun— has a "When To Watch" feature that allows users to sign up for email alerts "and never miss a show." God help the DVR queue.