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Weird Decor Threatens Brokers

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Avocado-and-orange walls, thrift-store finds, birdcages, art featuring "scary images of dangerous objects," "walls lined with guns and machetes" and—oh yes—Confederate flags really deters prospective buyers. The seller of this apartment, at right, with its salvaged Yankee Stadium seating, "had to hide every example that I am a human,” he laments, noting that prepping his place for sale even included getting rid of the towels in the bathroom. The fact is, “If you’re provocative, people don’t want to engage," says Prudential Douglas Elliman broker Frances Katzen, who was able to get $4.825M for the apartment with the scary-dangerous art once the art finally came down. Katzen, the poor dear, also had to sell the bachelor pad bedecked with that Confederate flag—trying desperately to bill it as a "non-political fashion statement" until the slew of horrified home hunters finally forced her to force her client to take it down. Which raises two important questions: 1) What kind of world is this that people are so intolerant of Confederate flags? And 2) Where the hell is Katzen finding her clients? [NYT's The Appraisal]