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Design Star Contestants Build Glass Houses, Don't Throw Stones

Finally! An individual challenge! Last night, the three remaining designers on HGTV's Design Star were asked to furnish freestanding sun rooms in a style representative of their show concepts. And boy, were they in bad shape—Emily (and Casey, too, to some degree) was so hoarse she could barely speak without squeaking, and Michael, fresh on the heels of building an overly ambitious Murphy bed, had a tear-filled breakdown. This being the penultimate show, there was the expected flock of guardian angels: the contestants' best friends had been flown in to help out, and Antonio Ballatore, last year's Design Star winner and host of The Antonio Treatment, offered lukewarm support and words of wisdom. And with Casey's failed efforts to convince the judges of her re-purposing-vintage-stuff skills, looks like Ballatore's coveted Sunday 11 p.m. slot will filled by either Michael or Emily next year.
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