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Design Star Winner Revealed! Emily Shows Us the Money

The season finale of HGTV's Design Star got off to a pretty awkward start last night, from Candice Olson's high-waisted metallic palazzo pants to Vern Yip's multifaceted challenge: design a one-bedroom for made-up clients, actually former Design Star contestants of their choice, and film a segment of their TV shows about the process. Emily chose Tom, famed as much for his on-set huffing and puffing whilst heaving lifting as for his propensity to wear tailored, well-put-together suits. Michael chose Nina, the brash, loud-mouthed, opinionated "artist" who nobody could stand when she was still alive and kickin' on the show; last night, she dared mention her love of furnishings from India and Bali much to our Eat Pray Love-sore ears. M's ultimate demise? Incorporating yet another of Nina's tacky arts-and-crafts wall hangings combined with the overzealous monologue he filmed near the Williamsburg Bridge—"If you have a place that reflects what you're doing in your life and stimulates and motivates you to achieve bigger and dream the biggest you can, you'll feel a lot better," he pranced and danced. Meanwhile, Emily's palette of dark gray, navy and tan with pops of red not only befitted Tom's suit perfectly, but it so happened to match the very one Vern Yip wore to the final judging sesh. It was a no brainer: Emily's Secret's from a Stylist debuts Aug. 29 at 10 p.m. EST on HGTV.