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Decoding Modern Family Set Design Oh So Eloquently

Alexandra Lange's brilliant description of the set design of the ABC sitcom Modern Family on the Times' Opinionator was so utterly saturated with porn-o-rific design deets that we couldn't settle on one 'graf to excerpt. We kinda liked all of it, and we definitely feel that it best exemplifies good shelter journo. Whether or not you're a fan of the show, try these on for size:

· "Such details are important, because the Dunphys’ perfect, and perfectly normal, living room acts as a foil to their arch personality quirks. The good-looking heterosexual married couple is the weirdest of the 'Modern Family' bunch..."

· "They live in a house that could only be purchased by a man who has already passed once through the halls of domesticity: everything is steely modern, with a glassy kitchen and lots of leather."
· "But as the first season wore on, Berg and his team slowly began adding more of Gloria, to underline her growing control over her new family: a lamp with a zebra shade, red accent walls, a string of chili pepper lights in the kitchen."
#3183; "If Phil and Claire are Pottery Barn, Mitch and Cam are Jonathan Adler, the epitome of upscale, neo-modern gay décor. Their stuff doesn’t come from the mall, but from specialty shops around Los Angeles like 20th, Blueprint, Diva and Modern Living."
· "Also all Cam is the bubblegum-pink baby’s room, where Mitchell is shocked to find that his husband has installed a Sistine Chapel-inspired mural of Lily’s two dads above the crib. It is truly horrifying, a lapse in taste out of keeping with all their Celadon and silver."
· "But in 'Modern Family,' the people aren’t necessarily telling us anything we don’t already know from the throw pillows."

· If These Walls Could Talk [NYT Opinionator]