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Life Lived in October Dwell: the Glow Gets Rosier

The October issue of Dwell just landed in our mailbox, no doubt with that enviably laid-back aplomb that only Dwell can pull off. So what are our wacky, San Franciscan second cousins up to these days? Some pretty awesome stuff, it turns out—South Minneapolis isn't what comes to mind when one thinks of a two-story modern clad in ipe, concrete and glass, but then again this magazine never fails to toss out the curveballs. Soak in the best of the features in the photo gallery above.

It paints a rather delightful picture of the good life—long, lazy afternoons are the bread and butter of life lived in a Dwell feature. How long, and how lazy, you ask? The answers after the jump.
Our sister site Racked NY, in compiling photos of models reading backstage at New York Fashion Week, inspired us to create galleries of a similar subject from Dwell photos. Have a look at some very chilled-out-looking folks reading the day away:

And now, the astonishing volume of people relaxing/leaning on things:

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