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First-Ever Gay-Branded Hospitality Decor Revealed

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There's the hushed tones and faded toile de jouy of feminine decor, the steel- and leather-clad furnishings of masculine decor, and now, ladies and gents, the New York City hospitality sphere has finally, at long last, welcomed with full force the previously murky category of gay decor. Today, Curbed NY reports on Village Voice columnist Michael Musto's foray into the world of The Out NYC, the city's first self-professed "gay urban resort," which, when complete, will boast a dance club with a 1,200-person capacity and a glass-covered pool area with cabanas. Anchoring this urban playground is the Axel Hotel, whose aesthetic bent "will include both high-toned elements and purely hedonistic ones, too." Greeting guests is a large Richard Serra and an enormous nude photo that unveils itself to escalator riders as they ascend. Toss in a permanent room for transsexual icon and party girl Amanda Lepore, windows arranged to spell "O-U-T," and the gadar has officially gone supersonic.

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