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The Arch Digest Masthead Might Look a Little Something Like...

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The industry waited for years with bated breath for Paige Rense-Noland to relinquish her spot at Architectural Digest. Now that former Elle Decor editor Margaret Russell has taken the throne, the real fun begins. Here's who we've heard is joining the staff:

House Beautiful's editor at large, Robert Rufino, is rumored to take one of the top spots, with an official announcement coming tomorrow. Decorator Elaine Griffin's Twitter feed announced that Elana Frankel will abandon her top post in the Martha Stewart Living decorating department. Elle Decor editor-at-large and regular features writer Mitchell Owens is following his longtime pal/employer to AD (where he was once a contributing writer). Sarah Medford is also jumping ship from her arts, culture and design directorship at Town & Country. (Side note: filling Medford's shoes is Whitney Robinson, who Stephen Drucker poached from House Beautiful.) And the Observer just reported that W's executive managing editor, Larry Karol, is leaving to manage the bunch.

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