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Introducing Curbed National—and Operation Dollhouse

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As you read these words, six dollhouses constructed exactly as the one above are being delivered to six offices around New York and San Francisco. These six offices happen to belong to the editors in chief of six of the country's most important shelter publications. Along with the dollhouses, we've included furnishings appropriate to each title, and a challenge: decorate the dollhouse, photograph it, and send us the results. The goal? To have fun with design! Well, and to win. But perhaps we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Welcome to day one of Curbed National. If you frequent one of our city sites in NYC, LA, SF, or the Hamptons, you'll likely be aware of Curbed's fascination with real estate porn in all its many glories. At Curbed National, we're taking that fascination indoors—specifically, a focus all-things design, decor, and shelter, from Malibu dream houses to Wyoming ranches to Maine cabins, and all residences in between. Expect a jaw-dropping daily featured project, wall-to-wall coverage of celebrity real estate, and a healthy dose of the ridiculous. And amidst the glories of the glorious and the hideous, we'll give you scoop on the ever-changing shelter-media universe and ponder decor in TV, movies, music and politics. We'll cover little-known and name-brand interior decorators alike, and tiny design blogs in far-flung corners of the web will be treated with the same dignity as Architectural Digest. (Ah, speaking of Arch Digest, have they received their dollhouse yet? Stand by. A full overview of Operation Dollhouse arrives momentarily.)

Meantime, thanks for dropping by. Perhaps we'd best introduce ourselves before we get going. Your guides through this wacky wilderness are Curbed National editor Sarah Firshein and associate editor Rob Bear. To our tipline,, we bid you send us tips—tales about your dealings with nightmare designers (and nightmare clients!); links to nifty projects or excellent blog posts we might have missed; even cameraphone pics from your friend's really rather troubling living room redo. With your help, we'll somehow get out of here with our taste intact.