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The Online-Only "Print" Pub Catfight: Rue VS. Lonny

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In another show of what apparently is the way to continue to mourn the death of Domino, Rue reared her girly ol' head last week. The question remains: How does it stack up next to Lonny, that Grande Doyenne in the Design-Pubs-Powered-by-PDF-Flipbook-Technology-Issuu category? After the jump: a no-holds-barred break down.

Founder by: Patrick Cline, former Domino photographer/retoucher; and Michelle Adams, former Domino market assistant.
Issue: August/September 2010.
Page count: 197.
Cover star: Callie Jenschke of Scout Designs in her home on Central Park West.
Ad on the inside cover: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
Table of Contents ads: Stark, Bloomingdale's.
Size of editorial masthead (including art staff; excluding interns): 9
Notable contributor:Former Domino editor Tori Mellott, who's now working behind the scenes at The Nate Berkus Show.
Best of "Market" front-of-book section: Translating clothes from J.Crew, Tory Burch, and Lauren Moffatt into home furnishings and accessories.
Features: Historic home and gardens in Chiswick, U.K.; Rachel Aswell's London apartment and her store, Shabby Chic; Vicente Wolf's Montauk, NY, home; a Hell's Kitchen, NYC, apartment owned by the curator of Jonathan Adler's stores; a 25-year-old's apartment in Union Square, NYC, decorated by Ryan Korban; designer Callie Jenschke's Upper West Side, NYC, apartment.
Best photos from the features:

Worst photos from the features:

Hardest-to-swallow feature length: 38 pages (the Chiswick, U.K. story).
Strangest detail: The list of Vicente World's "Most Inspirational Places:" Iran, Borneo, Burma, Bhutan and Paris.
Last page: Mood-board style of blogger Nicole Warren of Well Worn.
Founded by: Editor-in-chief Crystal Gentilello, of Plush Palate; executive editor Anne Sage, of The City Sage; managing editor Alaina Kaczmarski of Live Creating Yourself; and Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street.
Issue: September/October 2010.
Page count: 261.
Cover star: Ron Woodson and Jamie Rummerfield of LA-based Woodson + Rummerfield House of Design.
Ad on the inside cover: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
Table of Contents ads: New York Design Center, Fine Linen & Bath, The Beautiful Life,
Size of editorial masthead (including art staff; excluding interns): 7
Notable contributor: Ashlina Kaposta, aka The Decorista
Best in "Shopping Cart" front-of-book section: A page incorporating moody, layered fall florals into home decor, clothes and accessories.
Features: An apartment at downtown LA's Ritz-Carlton Residences designed by Woodson + Rummerfield House of Design; San Francisco bungalow of blogger Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay; a day in the life of Vicente Wolf; a dinner party with HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson; the Brooklyn loft of Hayden-Harnett designers Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett; Rue founder Crystal Gentilello at home in Chicago; Buckingham Interiors' Julia Edelman's Chicago residence; a bright birthday party for accessories label Bando; a Mary Douglas Drydale-designed space in Washington, D.C.; a home in Dallas, Texas.
Best photos from the features:

Worst photos from the features:

Hardest-to-swallow feature length: 28 pages (the Victoria Smith and Bando stories).
Strangest detail: This pull quote: "Mr. Jackson, our Boston terrier, is nothing but a big beating heart of love."
Last page: A bedroom designed by Tobi Fairley with her thoughts on what makes it cozy; a thank-you house ad from the Rue staff. And the winner is...
Lonny, hands down, nearly 100 percent because it does not include this kind of editorial: "Start at the bottom of the hill. Brace yourself and begin to climb. Pass a custom bike shop, the abandoned blue Volvo, the lemon yellow house." Here's another: "Love at first sight really can exist out of your favorite Nora Ephron film." And finally, the deck (or sub-headline, if you will) of Rue's Vicente Wolf piece: "To spend a day with Vicente Wolf is to walk in the footsteps of a design god."

· August/September 2010 [Lonny]
· September/October 2010 [Rue]