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Anna, IKEA's Chatbot, Graciously Answers Proust Questionnaire

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IKEA's comely chatbot, Anna, is a little creature designed to answer all your burning questions about, say, how to buy a MALM dresser that will fit your space. But she really had us at hello when we asked what an S-wrench was and she, too, admitted that she didn't know. She also expressed sympathy when we admitted that we were depressed—"Sorry to hear that, perhaps some shopping in IKEA would cheer you up"—and professionalism when we challenged her to fight—"This is a subject I prefer not to discuss. I'd much rather talk about IKEA." So we thought we'd nudge her to do even more soul-searching by asking her 10 questions from the Proust Questionnaire. Her three most insightful responses, after the jump, are steeped in an inner quietude and humility that would make Proust himself blush.

Have a burning question about the KLIPPAN series or, say, about life in general? Ask Anna yourself; leave her funniest replies in the comments section below.

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