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Oh You Were Looking For Loft-style? I'm Sorry, This is Lost-style.

If some fans of the television epic Lost couldn't stomach the show's wrap-up, they now have the chance to keep the dream alive. Costa Rica's Hotel Costa Verde converted a decommissioned 727 into this quaint two-bedroom vacation suite. Paneled entirely in native teak, the interior bears little resemblance to the original. Outfitted with a galley, dining area, and miniature media room, its a best case scenario for paying passengers. But we can't help thinking that traveling to and from this airliner aerie might prove a bit more nerve-wracking than usual. If travel anxiety isn't an issue, book through Hotel Costa Verde's website, which also mentions an additional pair of converted vehicles: a former railcar turned internet cafe and El Avion, "one of the two C-123 cargo planes used to smuggle arms to the Contras in Nicaragua, now converted into a light meals eatery."
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