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A Brief Survey of Where Your Vogue Editors Live

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[Photos by Eric Boman]

Vogue Living may be a thing of the past—at least in this country—but that doesn't stop others from peeking into the homes of the magazine's royalty. A select few shots of Anna Wintour's Carrier and Company-dressed retreat on Long Island were posted today on The Awl; the home, an 1834 townhouse, appears in this month's World of Interiors. (A complete gallery is above.) Turns out October is a lucky month as far as fashion-designers-at-home go: the Paris apartment of Vogue's European editor at large Hamish Bowles graced the cover of World of Interiors cover story exactly one year ago. And the Connecticut home of contributing editor (and former head of Men's Vogue) Jay Fielden appeared in the September 2010 issue of Elle Decor. Stylistically, these dwellings are as different as, say, Gucci and Goyard, though all possess that certain je ne sais quoi one would expect to see from the haute class. What, pray tell, is the prettiest? You decide.

Hamish Bowles:

[Photos by Francois Halard]

Jay Fielden:

[Photos by Tim Smith]

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