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A Private Island in Upstate NY, All The Way Upstate

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Location: Watch Island, Clayton, NY
Price: $1,950,000
The Skinny: New York's Thousand Island region, on the northern border with Canada, was once a heavily trafficked destination for upstate yachties. Though long forgotten by a monied class turned jet-set, the archipelago retains many of its classic summer homes. This 10-bedroom escape on diminutive Watch Island is one of the better preserved examples. While we wouldn't go so far as to term the interior stylish, the multi-paned windows and intricate woodwork are the very definition of "good bones." Given that one would be hard pressed to find a similarly sized home for the $1.95M asking price in Newport or the Hamptons, the six-hour commute from New York City might be easier to swallow.
· Historical Watch Island, Clayton, NY [Sotheby's]