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What Do Nate Berkus, Snooki and The Situation Have in Common?

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Not to interrupt the rosy glow of Nate Berkus's post-premiere dawn, but with the designer spending so much of each hourlong show doling out decor advice to audience members, we thought we'd take a few secs to see if he can walk the walk himself. While we can't, unforch, reveal photos of his NYC apartment, we can surely examine his residence in Milan, which he shares with longtime boyfriend, shoe designer Brian Atwood. Elle Decor so happened to publish the residence in April 2009; amid Patricia Urquiola sofas, vintage Milo Braughman armchairs, a Baker chair from the 1960s and a 1970s Piero Pinto table is a banana-leaf-print wallpaper, which clads the dining room (right). The Martinique print, as it's called, was created in 1942 by decorator Don Loper for the coffee shop in The Beverly Hills Hotel, has since become canonized by design cognoscenti near and far—as far away as Miami, in fact, where set designers from MTV's Jersey Shore scooped it up for Season Two's dining room (left). As for Berkus, it seems safe to say he'd be all up for giving it the fist pump: "'I wasn’t used to being with someone who has such an evolved sense of aesthetics,' Berkus acknowledges, adding that some of Atwood’s choices gave him night sweats, notably the wallpaper. 'At first I thought, How horrible! Now it’s my favorite thing in the apartment.'"

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