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Interior Design Student Throws Operation Dollhouse For a Loop

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Alas, the Operation Dollhouse plot thickens, thanks to a superstar New York School of Interior Design student who contacted Curbed National about her side project: a full renovation of her childhood dollhouse. Eden, as this ambitious lass is called, was inspired by the Kips Bay Decorator Show House "and how the decorator Elsie de Wolfe turned her home into a showhouse at the beginning of her career," she writes in an email. "I wanted to do the same in miniature—displaying the range of my tastes with each room being a different mash-up of periods and styles." The results are displayed in the photo gallery above; the juicy deets follow the jump.

Each of Eden's rooms is meticulously and thoughtfully conceived; among them, there's a "Wiener Werkstatte-meets-American Shaker kitchen, a 1940s-50s kitsch-y Colonial Revival bathroom, a Breuer-Gropius hallway," and so on. A Jackson Pollack splatter-paint carpet grounds the "Hamptons-meets-England" "East End" room, with its ceramic elephants, country-house-patterned wallpaper, white Neoclassical architectural details inspired by William Kent, and, soon, miniature Peter Beard prints. It's an awfully refined aesthetic, sure—but will it inspire the editor-in-chief crew to get their act together? Only time will tell; it's T minus five days 'til deadline.
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