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How Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Will to Bring Bravado to Bravo

Chin up: there's relief in sight for the ennui one might feel about the current lineup of design-centric TV. Although the details of Bravo's in-development Million Dollar Decorators are few and far between at this stage of the game, the early word is that Martyn Lawrence-Bullard will be one of the designers we'll get to traipse around with as he works his magic on the homes of the rich and famous. Sure, the LA-based Lawrence-Bullard has a line of fabrics, a furniture collection and a celebrity client list that'll make your ears pop. But how will he fare within Bravo's ever-revolving lineup of docudrama talent? Pretty freakin' fabulously, and here's why:

1. Because with this this accent, and this home, he practically oozes dramatic flair:

2. Because his work is always sumptuously layered, even when it's a kids' room:

3. Because when Julia Roberts wears one of your fabrics as a skirt in a best-selling memoir-turned-major motion picture, you know you're on to something:

4. Because a mind that designs furniture like this will never be boring:

5. Because he not only has access to Cher (she's one of his clients), he's got the personality that's able to get along with Cher:

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