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Where Genius Sleeps: Blueprints for Steve Jobs's New Manse

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Fire up those bulldozers: the Woodside, Calif., Spanish Colonial Revival belonging to Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reached the autumn of its existence. Just revealed on Gizmodo: blueprints for Jobs's brand-spankin'-new, $8.45 million home turf, which will sport a modest 4,910 square feet (one-third the size of his current digs), five bedrooms, and six acres with indigenous floral plantings, lighted pathways, and a private vegetable garden. True to Jobs's billionaire-who-pockets-$1-a-year-in-salary persona, "Everything is neat, tight, pragmatic, and in its place" and there's "no chauffeur's cottage, no cook's cottage, and no tennis courts." The project is expected to take 22 months from demolition to completion.

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