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Le Corbusier's Paints: A Giant Leap From Black and White

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This morning, The Moment celebrates the role that color played in early Modernist design, recalling the paint collection that Swiss architect/designer Le Corbusier created for KT Color in the 1920s. Here's a firsthand account of what it was like to work within the master's vision in person: ‘‘What a shock that experience was .?.?. almost an overwhelming sensation of bliss,’’ wrote French designer Charlotte Perriand, who was hired in 1927 to furnish a house Le Corbusier had built for an art-collector friend. ‘‘I humbly took in the ensemble—a white space punctuated by colored walls.’’ Under a licensing deal with Fondation Le Corbusier, the manufacturer still reproduces the colors today, drawing upon 120 "mostly mineral pigments" with a "richer, deeper and more complex" character (above). Have a look at contemporary applications of Polychromie Le Corbusier by KT Color:

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